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How does Cashbee work?

Cashbee is a simple savings app which makes your money work for you. Practically speaking, it is a smart bridge between your current account on one side, and an interest generating savings account on the other. The application allows you to move money between the two, at your initiative or on the basis of recommendations you will have received.


Onboarding on Cashbee is very easy and fast. All you have to do is 1. create your profile, 2. connect your bank account and 3. create your interest paying savings account with one of partner banks. The entire process should take you less than 6 minutes. Or less time than it would take to boil pasta.

Once you will have completed these simple steps, and after a quick check of your identity, you can start to use the App and put your money to work.

The App in two screens

1. Transfers

Transfer money between your accounts in one click, in either direction, for free and for any amount.

2. The accounts

Control your accounts via your dashboard. Identify your dormant cash and/or avoid unnecessary overdrafts, and follow the progress your money makes.

The Cashbee Service

Cashbee helps you manage your money. As a function of how the balance on your current account evolves, we will suggest you save a bit more when you can afford to ; or bring back cash if you spend too much.

Our commitments


Your money is placed in your name at our partner My Money Bank, which pays an interest of 2% for the first two months, followed by 0.6% thereafter.


On this topic, we believe that the maximum is, in fact, the minimum. Cashbee is supervised by the Banque de France, which submits us to the highest security standards and most stringent regulations with regard to the protection of your personal data.

Deposit Guarantee

Your interest earning account is opened in a French bank, and is therefore covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. This means that up to € 100 000 your money is covered by the Guarantee.


The funds deposited through Cashbee are accessible at any time. They are not blocked, there is no entry charge, nor exit fee. Transfers are not submitted to any minimum amount.

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