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Putting money back at your service

The desire to save is universal, we believe that saving intelligently should be too.

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With us, your savings earn

01,00 %

Average yearly interest rate


Simply identify dormant cash, and put it aside on an interest-bearing account, in one click, free of charge, and without having to change banks.

Cashbee is a payment institution, accredited by the ACPR Banque de France and operating under the European Payment Services Directive.

In practice, that means that we have to adhere to the same security and data encryption standards as the large international banks.

Do more, with the same


Take the right decisions

Thanks to our personalized recommendations, put money aside without even thinking about it.


Stay in control

Your money is always available. You can access it with one click.


Avoid overdraft fees

Not only is Cashbee free, but we will alert you whenever you are at risk of going into the red.


Maximize your gains

You deposit your money at our partner bank, selected for the attractive yield it offers.


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