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Save better and more

Cashbee will make your money work for you, and help you save more, without changing banks.

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Put money aside

Our algorithm analyses your expenses and helps you put money aside, effortlessly, and without having to change banks.

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Earn interest

We identify the best interest rates available in the market to make your savings work as hard as possible for you, whilst enabling you to draw on this money at any time.

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Minimise bank fees and penalties

We will help you avoid needless overdrafts by warning you when you get close to going into the red, and suggesting you transfer some of your savings back to your current account.

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With a simple swipe and always fully secure

You can execute your transfers with a simple swipe on the Cashbee App. Your money is always on an account in your name and under the protection of the Deposit Insurance scheme.

Ils parlent de Cashbee

Some important data

€ 1000 billion sleeping on bank accounts.

1 French in 4 is on overdraft every month.

Less than a third of the French save regularly.

Ready to save ?

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Cashbee is a company regulated by the ACPR (Banque de France).

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Cashbee is a member of La Banque Postale's incubator Platform58.

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